AussieSMP but with mods!

How to join

You'll need to download the modpack that is used on the server and connect using the IP. modded.aussiesmp.com

What pack does the server use?

The server is currently running FTB Revelations 3.4.0 which can be downloaded through the FTB App (A quick google should guide you enough on how to do this). You can download the pack through alternative launchers but this is something that I'll let you figure out on your own.

General info

The server is running and ready for people to join, however it is still quite basic compared to the Vanilla server. There is no online map, the chats don't link to the other servers in the network and some things might be a bit funky. Over time this should improve but if you plan on playing expect a very regular FTB experience.
Last modified 10mo ago