Custom Portals
Custom portals for players
You may have noticed the giant portal at spawn. As a supporter you can get a custom portal of your very own(with a warp)!
The frame can be made from any block and they can get pretty big (as seen in the above image).
When you are a supporter all you need to do is make the frame of the portal and then send a message in the #secret-supporter-chat to start getting it set up. The inside of the portal can be made of water or air and you can either choose to have it teleport you back to spawn, open up the warps menu or teleport you directly to another world.

Types of portals

There are a few types of portals you can have, have a read through the information below when making your choice.

Portal that opens /warps

A single portal that when entered opens the /warps menu for you players to then choose where they would like to teleport.

Portal that directly teleports

A single portal that directly teleports to spawn.

Portal that teleports to another survival world

This includes two portals, if you have builds across two of the survival worlds you can build two portals in each world and request to have them directly linked together. Once you go through one you'll be teleported straight to the other one.
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