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Use your vote points to buy cool perks on Lifesteal Factions

Lifesteal Factions like our other servers has a vote shop (/voteshop) where you can use your vote points (/votepoints) to purchase perks. Another thing is that voting on this server is network-wide, meaning your vote points are the same on all servers and voting for any of the servers is all found in the same place.

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What is in the Lifesteal Factions vote shop?

Instant 2 Power Increase (Glowstone Dust)

This perk costs 1 Vote Point and will increase your current power by 2. If you are already at your max power this will do nothing (and you will not get your vote points refunded).

Instant 5 Heart Boost (Red Concrete)

This perk costs 9 Vote Points and can be used twice per week. It will increase your maximum hearts by 5.

Buy access to /name (Nametag)

This perk costs 15 Vote Points and will give you access to '/name' on all of our servers for 7 days. '/name' lets you change the colour of your username to any of the pre-created colours found in the menu.

Increase Max Power to x0 (Glowstone Block)

This perk costs 30 Vote Points per tier and will increase your max power to the amount specified on the tier. Each tier (except for the first) will require the previous tier. Each tier can only be bought once and the maximum tier will get you a total of 50 Maximum power. Please note that this does not instantly increase your max power to the amount specified it only increases the maximum cap that you have, meaning if you purchase the first tier, you will still need to accumulate power up to 20.

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