Trade with Players

Trading with other players safely without the need for shops

If you want to directly trade items or money with another player safely on the server you can create a trade request by using the command '/trade [playername]' or by shift-clicking the player. The other player will need to accept the trade request by clicking the [Accept] button on the message that shows in chat. Trade requests can also be declined, and they will automatically expire after a certain period of time.

For example if I want to trade with a player named 'WizzFizz123' I would use the command '/trade WizzFizz123' to request the trade. The player will need to be on the same world as you, cross-survival world trading is currently disabled because of players losing their items.

Once you have started a trade with another player the above menu will show up.

The purple square is the area where you can put blocks or items that you want to trade. The blocks or items that the other player are trading will appear in the area on the right.

The terracotta block on the left in the yellow box is how you can accept the trade and the terracotta block on the right in the green box shows if the player has accepted the trade. Once both players have accepted the trade, there will be a countdown before the trade is completed.

The item in the blue box is how you cancel the trade. You can also cancel the trade by clicking the escape button on your keyboard.

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