Shopping Area

Shopping plots and how to use them.


Many players on the server have made shops for other players to use, you can teleport to the shopping area by typing '/shops' in-game.

Buying from a player-made shop

Before trying to buy from someone's shop make sure that you have enough money (remember you can convert your diamonds to money at /bank!).
Once you have found something that you would like to buy Left-Click the sign of the chest shop and enter the amount you would like to buy in chat ('1' '2' '3' 'all' etc). Before typing the amount you would like to buy, make sure to confirm that the item you are about to buy is the item that you actually want by reading the information that is sent in your chat.

Requesting to lower the y-level of your shop region

Players can now request to have their shop region lowered. This will allow players to create underground sections within their shop.
The total height of the shop region will remain the same (100 or 150 depending on the type of region) but the starting y-level of the region will change.
If you would like to request this change to your shop region, send a message on Discord in the #help chat.