The list of rules on the server!

All punishments will be at the discretion of staff and punishments will vary depending on frequency and severity of rule breaking. Permanent bans are common.

Don't be a dick

This rule is fairly common sense. Please don't harrass each other. I do not want to have to act as a baby sitter for a bunch of gamers.

Also if you cut down a tree and leave the top, I'll be disappointed.

Absolutely no griefing

Do not break or steal other peoples things. Its fairly simple. If you don't know if something is naturally generated and not player made, just leave it alone.

No spamming

Do not flood the chat with stupid messages, its cringe.

You are allowed to discuss other servers, I find it weird when servers outright censor any discussion of other servers or communities. However blatently advertising is not allowed.

Be respectful

Be nice to each other. Pretty simple.

Don't swear excessively

Swearing is allowed but if you swear an unnecessary amount it starts to look bad and will probably annoy people.

You also need to keep in mind that Minecraft has a very wide age demographic, I doubt an 8 year old would want to be on a server where the chat is filled with unsavoury language.

No hacking or exploits

Please don't break the server with game-breaking exploits. Including but not limited to Xray, Hacked clients etc.

No ban evasion

Alt accounts are allowed on AussieSMP but using them maliciously to evade a ban example is not allowed.

Don't be the reason I need to make or expand on the rules

Trying to find loop holes around these rules so that you can say that you 'technically didn't break any rules' won't work. I have no reason to keep anyone who is an asshole on the server so I won't hesitate to remove someone so that others can have a good experience.

Use common sense!

You've got a brain, time to use it.

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