Automated Spectator Livestreams

Share your creations live!

Recently on the server we have been testing an automated spectator livestream. This allows players to share what they are doing on the server live on Twitch and Youtube. When a player has given permission to be spectated, the AusGG account will automatically follow them from a 3rd person perspective similar to the camera view in ARPGs like Titan Quest, Diablo, Path of Exile etc.

While the software that runs the automated streams is still in its testing phase, the streams will be limited to specific days and may be cancelled or delayed. A lot of features and functionality are still actively being worked on and if you have any suggestions for features you think would be cool feel free to post them in the Suggestions forum on our Discord. Once the software is more stable the stream will be run 24/7 on Twitch and Youtube under the official channels channels for the server.

Current Stream Schedule

Friday: 6PM to Midnight

Saturday: 6PM to Midnight

Sunday: 6PM to Midnight The streams can be found on Twitch and Youtube at the following links!

Twitch Link: Youtube Link:

Spectator Livestream Commands

Allows you to control spectator that is used for the automated livestreams on the server.

/autospectator allow true OR false Default: false - Used to give the spectator permission to spectate you.

/autospectator view northwest OR northeast OR southwest OR southeast Default: northwest - Changes the direction the spectator is facing when viewing you.

/autospectator zoom 1 OR 2 OR 3 OR 4 OR 5 Default: 3 - Changes close the spectator is when viewing you. Higher is further away.

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