Creating and running a shop

Interested in making a shop, here's everything you will need to know

Renting a shop plot

You will need to head to the shopping area (use /shops to get there) and rent a plot. You can do this by finding an un-rented shop plot and Right-Clicking the sign. Remember that once you have a plot you'll need to maintain the rent otherwise someone else will be able to rent the plot.

You will only be able to rent 1 shop plot at a time! So make sure to try and pick the location you like best.

What happens if you rent a plot that already has something built on it?

Sometimes people stop renting their shops and while you are completely allowed to rent it yourself and build your own shop on it (if the player is still active and wanting to keep the shop they might not like you too much), you need to request for the already existing shop to be removed in the #help text-channel on Discord.

You can not rent someone else's shop plot to take the valuables/blocks that may be left on it, this is considered griefing and griefing is not allowed.

Someone rented your old shop plot and now your shop is gone

When this happens it means that you have lost all the blocks/items that were left on the shop plot, it is important to make sure to keep up with your rent!

Accidently bought a shop plot

If you have rented a shop plot that you do not want, you can terminate the rent by typing '/arm sellback shop#'. You will not receive your diamonds back.

Creating your own Chest Shops

To actually sell items/blocks in your shop you will need to create chest shops.

To do this place a chest down where you would like to have the chest shop and then Left-Click the chest with the item you would like to sell. The following message should appear in chat and you can now choose how much you would like to sell the item for.

Remember that Diamonds are equal to $100 so you will want to price your shops based on that value. For example if I wanted to sell my item for 10 Diamonds per item, I would type in chat '1000'. There is no need to put the '$' sign in, it will do it automatically.

Once you have chosen the price, the chest shop will automatically be created and you can now put the items in the chest to be sold.

If you would like to change the price, or the amount that is being sold you can Right-Click the sign and change the 'Price' or the 'Amount per bulk' as seen in the menu below (your menu may appear slightly differently)

Please remember the 'Price' value is per bulk. Which means that if I changed the bulk to 4 I would then be selling 4 items for $1000.

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