Reporting rule-breakers

How to snitch on your mates
Occasionally there will be people that choose to not follow the rules of the server, to assist with keeping the server civil, you can do the following.
Please submit the report in the #help text-channel in the Discord by using the '?report' command.
An example of a report would be sending the following in the #help text-channel '?report Steve is a butt-head'
The information that needs to be mentioned in the report is as follows:
  • Rule that was broken
  • Username of player who broke the rule (If you don't know say 'Unknown')
  • Time of incident (or when you found it)
  • Any other information that you feel is important for context
Once you have submitted the report eventually someone will see it and either deal with it, or get in contact with you for more information. Please do not retailiate or cause chaos on the server because of the rule-breaker, it makes the situation worse.
It is really important to not speculate when reporting someone as it can make the entire situation a lot more complicated than it needs to be.