Benefits of the supporter rank

Personal regions

Each supporter will get to have their own region in each of the worlds. There are size limits to these regions and you'll need to follow up with WizzFizz123 in-game or on Discord to get your region made for you. More details are in the 'Region protection' section of this wiki.

Personal custom portal

Feel free to ask about what you can get as your portal!

Access to the custom heads shop

The server features custom heads that can be used as decoration. To access the shop do /heads and it will show up a gui with a bunch of categories that you can look through.

More homes

By default you get 2 homes, when you become a supporter you will get access to 5 homes.

Chat and sign formatting

Minecraft has a bunch of chat formatting that you will now have access to as a supporter. As well as this you can use custom hex codes as colours in both the chat on and signs. I'd recommend checking out the Minecraft wiki details on how to use the formatting ( You should note that § is replaced with & in game. Example: &#111111 for a hex code or &4 for red.

Custom name colour

You will be allowed to have a cool coloured name using the Minecraft colour codes or the hex colour codes mentioned above in the chat and sign formatting section.

A feature in the Hall of Fame (accessed through the Skyblock server)

At '/warp halloffame' on AussieSB you will have a section of the build dedicated to you, tracking how many months you have subscribed (represented by Diamond blocks) and also the date of when you first became a supporter of the servers.

Infinite RTPs

You can use the RTP command as many times as you want.

Instant Teleports

You will no longer have warmups when using the teleport commands such as /home, /warp, /tpa etc.

All of the features of having the supporter rank on AussieSB

The servers are connected, so if you have the supporter rank on AussieSB you also have it on AussieSMP and Modded AussieSMP. Not all benefits cross-over but each server does have something special for the supporter rank.

What you will no longer have access to once you stop being an active supporter

An active supporter is someone whose purchase has not expired yet. This could be someone with an active subscription or someone who still has time on their one-time purchase.
When you are no longer considered an active supporter all that you lose is the gold prefix before your name.

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