Benefits of the supporter rank

The Supporter rank is a constantly evolving rank, sometimes things do change, new things can be added and sometimes things may need to be removed as the server changes.

If you are looking to support the server do it because you like the server as is, not because you want the benefits below, if one of the benefits of the Supporter Rank are found it be problematic or lessen the experience for other players, it will be modifed or even removed.

The server isn't perfect, sometimes there are bugs and the features listed below are not exempt from that, things go wrong and I apologize if something doesn't work as intended.

If you have ANY questions about the Supporter Rank, you're welcome to message in #help, message the AusGG Mail Bot on the Discord server or email ' '.

More homes

By default you get 6 homes, when you become a supporter you will get access to 15 homes per server.

Custom name colour

As a supporter you'll have access to the /name command forever, this will let you choose from a bunch of different colours.

If you would prefer a custom colour, send a message in the #secret-supporter-chat on Discord with the hexcode of the colour that you would like.

Example: #111111 for a hex code or &4 for red.

A feature in the Hall of Fame

In the Hall of Fame you'll get a section specifically built for you. Your character will be standing in front of a Diamond block with a sign to show when you first got Supporter Rank. Each Diamond block that you are standing in front of will represent every time you have purchased the Supporter Rank.

Instant Teleports

You will no longer have warmups when using the teleport commands such as warps, /home, /tpa, rtp etc.

Priority access to test servers and events

Occasionally there may be pvp events or minigame events hosted on the server. If there is a player count limit for these the people who have the Supporter rank will be able to request a spot first before it is opened to everyone. It is also not unlikely that there will be servers made in the future that are for Supporters only or where Supporters get more special features.

As well as the above, Supporters will get first access to closed testing servers, if I ever need to test a server with a few people, Supporters will be the first people asked if they want to join in.

Discord Role

Of course with the rank on the Minecraft Server you'll also get a role on Discord. This is what will give you access to the #secret-supporter-chat and more! Supporters can send images in the server(this will be taken away if you send anything inappropriate) and you can request a custom hex colour for your name instead of the standard role colours.

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