How to vote

Voting for AussieSMP!

The sites available to vote on are:

The server has Voting enabled and will track when a player votes on 5 sites. You can use the command '/vote' in game to get links to all the sites.

When you vote for AussieSMP you will receive the following:

  • 1 Vote point per site

  • 5 hours of silver vote star per site.

Using Vote points in the Vote shop

Once you have voted you can spedn your vote points on different rewards. To access the vote shop type '/voteshop' in game and select what you would like.

What is the silver vote star?

The silver vote star is a prefix that gets added to your account showing that you have voted. Each site that you vote on will add the star to your account for 8 hours.

If you vote on one site you will get the star for 5 hours. Two sites 10 hours. All five sites and you will have the star for a full 25 hours.

Important information about voting

Each of the voting sites ask for a username, please make sure that you put the correct username in otherwise you will not recieve the diamonds or vote star.

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