How to vote
Voting for AussieSMP!

The sites available to vote on are:

Vote for AussieSMP | Minecraft Servers
Vote site 1
Vote for AussieSMP
Vote site 2
Vote site 3
The server has Voting enabled and will track when a player votes on 3 sites. You can use the command '/vote' in game to get links to all the sites.
When you vote for AussieSMP you will receive the following:
    1 Diamond per vote site.
    8 hours of silver vote star per site.

What is the silver vote star?

The silver vote star is a prefix that gets added to your account showing that you have voted. Each site that you vote on will add the star to your account for 8 hours.
If you vote on one site you will get the star for 8 hours. Two sites 16 hours. All three sites and you will have the star for a full 24 hours.
Heres an example of what the star looks like.

Important information about voting

Each of the voting sites ask for a username, please make sure that you put the correct username in otherwise you will not recieve the diamonds or vote star.
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