Land Claiming

Information about land claiming

This section is about the land-claiming that all players can do, specifically not the Supporter Rank region claims. More information about that is in the Supporter Rank section of this wiki.

Land-claiming is optional and you will still be protected from griefing/stealing even if you do not claim your land. But if you would like the added piece of mind from claiming your land and ensuring no one can grief it, you will find the following section quite useful.

Getting claim blocks

There are two ways to get claim blocks, by playing on the server and by voting. For every hour that you play on the server you will get 360 claim blocks. You can also spend your vote points in the vote shop to get more claim blocks.

Claiming land

Firstly you will need somewhere that you will like to claim, and a golden shovel.

Once you have a golden shovel you will need to hold the golden shovel (and potentially type '/claimtool' to enable it) and then Right-Click the the starting corner of the area you would like to claim. Next you will need to Right-Click the next corner and the area within those two corners will be the area that you claimed.

Deleting your claim

If you would like to detele your claim you will need to stand inside the claim and type '/abandon' and then confirm it by typing '/gd confirm'. It will not work if you click the confirm button.

Trusting other players to your claims

You can trust other players in your claims by using the '/trust' command while standing in the claim area.

Giving other players claim blocks

If you would like to give another player some of your claim blocks you can use the command '/gd player transferblocks playername amount'. Once you have typed that command it will ask you to confirm it, you must type '/gd confirm' once again instead of clicking the '[Confirm]' button.

Example: '/gd player transferblocks Steve 100'

Maliciously claiming land

If you are found to have claimed land with bad intentions (including claiming over someones already existing build), the claim will be deleted, you will lose the claim blocks that you used for the claim and you may potentially be banned depending on the severity.

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