Quick information about AussieSMP!
AussieSMP is a public (for now) survival server hosted in Australia running 1.17.1 Java Edition. The IP to join is 'aussiesmp.com'.


    Close to Vanilla gameplay
    Diamond based economy
    Shop plots at spawn for safer player trading
    Basic teleports to make checking your friends builds easier
    World dedicated for resource gathering so that the main world doesn't get destroyed
    Online map
Spawn is meant to be a community driven location with all the shop plots that are available to purchase that players can use for shops or even just random buildings if they choose.


    Main survival world (Generated with 1.16 terrain) The main survival world that people build in on the server. Overworld - 30000 x 30000 Nether - 10000 x 10000 End - 30000 x 30000
    Resource world (Generated with 1.17.1 terrain) This worlds purpose is to act as a resource/block gathering world so that the main world doesn't have its landscapes ruined by dug up deserts, gravel mountains etc. IT IS ALSO A TEMP WORLD THAT GETS RESET EVERY FORTNIGHT! So don't build anything important here. Overworld - 10000 x 10000 Nether - 2000 x 2000
    Creative flat world Default gamemode in this world is creative, and it uses minecraft flat terrain generation. Inventories are not linked between this world and the other worlds (obviously). Overworld - 20000 x 20000
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