Quick information about AussieSMP!
AussieSMP is a public (for now) survival server hosted in Australia running 1.17.1 Java Edition. The IP to join is 'aussiesmp.com'.


  • Close to Vanilla gameplay
  • Diamond based economy
  • Shop plots at spawn for safer player trading
  • Basic teleports to make checking your friends builds easier
  • World dedicated for resource gathering so that the main world doesn't get destroyed
  • Online map
Spawn is meant to be a community driven location with all the shop plots that are available to purchase that players can use for shops or even just random buildings if they choose.


  • Main survival world (Generated with 1.16 terrain) The main survival world that people build in on the server. Overworld - 30000 x 30000 Nether - 10000 x 10000 End - 30000 x 30000
  • Resource world (Generated with 1.17.1 terrain) This worlds purpose is to act as a resource/block gathering world so that the main world doesn't have its landscapes ruined by dug up deserts, gravel mountains etc. IT IS ALSO A TEMP WORLD THAT GETS RESET EVERY FORTNIGHT! So don't build anything important here. Overworld - 10000 x 10000 Nether - 2000 x 2000
  • Creative flat world Default gamemode in this world is creative, and it uses minecraft flat terrain generation. Inventories are not linked between this world and the other worlds (obviously). Overworld - 20000 x 20000
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