Custom amounts

Any amount that you choose to give to the server is appreciated and will greatly help with keeping the server running.

Choose your own number

There is an option on the store to choose the amount you would like to pay, this can be anything from $7.5 upwards.

If you choose an amount below $20 you'll get access to the /name forever as well as the choose of your own custom hex colour. If you'd like a hex colour just send a message in the #help text channel on the Discord and we'll get that sorted asap.

If you've chosen to go over the $20, you will get access to the Supporter Rank, for now there isn't anything extra but anything that people give to the server will always be tracked and there is a potential that there will something added in the future to show my appreciation to you.


The Supporter Rank can be bought as a subscription, you can opt to continue paying monthly to the server if you'd like to, this is obviously optional but if you want to, the options there.

As mentioned before, there isn't anything on the server yet for people who give more than the standard $20, but it is greatly appreciated.

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