Useful commands

A list of commands that may help you on the server

Aus Menu

This will open up the menu that is available on all servers under Aus.GG. It has a bunch of useful stuff such as buttons that will let you swap to different Survival Worlds or even switch to one of the other Aus.GG owned servers.


/sethome [homename] /delhome [homename] /home [homename] By default you have access to 2 homes.

Player teleports

/tpa [playername] /tpaccept /tpdeny
Requesting to teleport to someone is a quick and easy way to check out their builds.


/balance /shops /bank More information is in the 'Economy' section of the wiki.


/discord This command will give you information about the Discord and how to join it. More information on how to join can be found on the left in the 'Discord' section of the wiki.
/warps Using this command will show a gui with all the public warps on the server.
/rtp This will randomly teleport you within the Worldborder on the server.