Useful Commands

Commands that you'll probably need on Lifesteal Factions

  • /help - Will give you a list of commands on the server.

  • /f help - Will show you all the Faction related commands, all the ones that you need are listed.

  • /wiki - Sends you a link to this wiki.

  • /vote - Sends you a link to the 'How to Vote' page on this wiki.

  • /voteshop - Will open the Voteshop menu.

  • /discord - Sends you a Discord invite link, if you would like to join the Discord Server.

  • /info - Sends you some brief info about the server.

  • /name - Opens the menu that lets you change the colour of your name on the server.

  • /hub - Sends you to the hub.

  • /lobby - Also sends you to the hub.

  • /msg [playername] - Use this to privately message players on the server, replace '[playername]' with their username. Only works if they are online.

  • /r - Can be used to reply to the player who previously messaged you. It will automatically reply to last player who messaged you and you do not need to put in their username. Be careful about accidently sending messages to the wrong player when using this command.

  • /mail send [playername] - Use this to send a mail message to another player, replace '[playername]' with their username. Works if they are offline and even on another server.

  • /mail listall - Lets you view all of your mail.

  • /votepoints - Shows you how many vote points you currently have.

  • /ticket - Can be used to submit tickets to the server, useful to report issues, bugs etc.

  • /rules - Sends you a link to the Lifesteal Factions rules section on the wiki.

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