Java Edition 1.19 - IP: mc.aus.gg

Join using the IP: mc.aus.gg . Once you are in use the Compass or NPC to be sent to Lifesteal Factions.

Lifesteal Factions is a combination of both the Lifesteal server mechanics and Factions creating a unique PVP experience. Players can lose or gain hearts depending on if they die or kill another player. Once a player loses all their hearts, they will be eliminated. All eliminations are reset every Sunday.



Create or join a Faction on the server and participate in raids with other players. Every player has a power level that generates slowly over time (or can be purchased using vote points in /voteshop) that will added to their Factions total power.

Power is what Factions use to claim land, each chunk that a Faction claims is equal to 1 Power. When a Faction has less power than it does chunks claimed, the entire Faction's land will be raidable. To prevent this Factions need to monitor the amount of power theu have.

Players will gradually gain power while online until they reach their maximum power.

Players will lose power when they die or become inactive. A player will gradually lose power while they are offline.


The maximum amount of hearts you can heal to can change while playing on the server.

  • Gaining Hearts - When you kill another player directly, you will gain an additional heart.

  • Losing Hearts - When you die you lose a heart. This includes PvP and PvE deaths.

  • Losing all your hearts - When you lose all of your total hearts, you will be eliminated from the server. This will mean you can no longer join Lifesteal Factions.

  • Rejoining the server - Every Sunday all eliminations will be reset and players who previously lost all their total hearts will be able to rejoin and continue playing.

Villager trading disabled

Villager trading is quite overpowered in vanilla gameplay. You can get nearly every item in the game very easily, that sucks. Therefore villager trading is completely disabled.

The End dimension is disabled

Elytras have significantly changed how Minecraft is played, in Factions and other PVP focussed servers they can ruin the gameplay. The End Dimension has been disabled so that players can not receive or use Elytras.

The Nether roof is disabled

When a player tries to go above the bedrock roof in the Nether, they will suffocate.


Overworld - Total Size 100,000 * 100,000 - The border will be at 50,000 in every direction.

The Nether - Total Size 12,500 * 12,500 - The border will be at 6,250 in every direction.

Redstone mechanic changes

Redstone and other mechanics have been slightly modified on the server to increase performance or and influence how people play on Lifesteal Factions. These changes are deliberate changes and will not be modified when requested.

New player PVP protection

New players will be protected from PVP for a short time when they join the server. This gives new players time to escape spawn before being hunted by other players. This timer is based on actual time and not play time, so if you join and immedietly leave your timer continues even while logged out.

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