More rules?

Clarification and expansion of the rules and expectations of players

This page shows the general etiquette and expectations of players that are on the server. If you'd like to fit in and not have other players use '/ignore' (or '/mute' or banned or even just straight up unwhitelisted!) on you I would recommend following these.

Avoid begging for resources or constantly expecting players to respond to your questions.

Most players have put quite a lot of effort to progress as far as they have, don't expect people to just give you stuff for free (they might offer resources if they choose to which you can also politely decline if you would rather get started on your own, it goes both ways).

You also should avoid flooding the chat with constant questions about how to play Minecraft or if they can help you with a project (or constantly bugging them with unwanted help). People are busy and a lot of the time they just want to chill, they are not obligated to teach you how to play the game. Some players will offer to help which is great, but if they don't please don't just keep asking.

If someone doesn't respond, assume they are busy because they probably are!

Google is free, and the already existing Minecraft Wiki is a fantastic place to find out how to play Minecraft I would strongly recommend using it as well as the resources on this wiki to figure out how to use the server.

Reiterating the 'Don't be a dick' rule

Calling people names, revealing unnecessary personal information(doxxing), harrassing someone (or a group of people) in chat, etc. These are not okay. I did think that this rule was common sense but it is clearly not.

Just because something is unclaimed or 'abandoned', doesn't give you the right to just take it.

Fairly simple actually, looting other players builds is griefing. I don't really know how I can explain this any better.

Just because you can break blocks or loot doesn't mean you should!

Supporters aren't exempt from the rules

Fortunately I have not ran into this problem but being a Supporter of the server does not give you the freedom to break the rules or cause trouble with other players. Supporters are expected to follow the same rules and expectations as everyone else.

If you think this might be a problem for you, then I suggest not supporting the server.

Please don't spam commands

This is specifically for commands like '/tpa' (but not limited to!) where the receiving player will get a chat message or sound. Its annoying and unwelcomed by the players on the server, one (unless said otherwise) is enough.

Relax on the inappropriate chat discussions/messages

Please refer to atleast one (1) of your brain cells before blurting out something obscene. Since the beginning of the server a lot of things have been said on the server, many of these things just shouldn't have been said. Some examples are;

  • Discussions about ages, pretty unnecessary and while not usually problematic, its a good practice on the internet to avoid it.

  • Keep it appropriate, Minecraft is played by people of all ages, so use some common sense on what topics shouldn't be spoken about.

  • Avoid revealing personal information about yourself and don't reveal other people's personal information, doesn't matter who they are to you or if they even play Minecraft, I'm not going to make a list its fairly self-explanatory.

Asking about ban appeals, or getting others to ask about your ban appeals

I understand currently there is no good way to see the progress of your ban appeal, this along with being able to see the progress of your whitelist application is being worked on. Until then trust that if you have submitted a ban appeal, it has been seen. Do not pressure other players to ask about your ban appeal and please do not message about it.

You got banned for doing something you shouldn't have, take it as a lesson for the future.

You are absolutely welcome to /ignore players

You are well within your right to use /ignore on players and I will also give you some advice to get the most effective use out of it.

You may (probably will) need to use /ignore on multiple worlds of the server, this is annoying I know but I haven't found a good solution to this yet. Another thing you are welcome to do is block them on Discord, players are encouraged to change their server nickname to their in-game username so it should be easy to figure out who is who. It also means that it should make it easier for you to find the player you are wanting to block.

There is one issue with this, they can still send messages in #game-chat which you will be able to see, this is another case of a better solution has not been found yet.

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