A list of all the rules and an explanation

Griefing is allowed!

The server is a Factions PVP based server, so griefing and raiding is allowed on this server. If you don't like getting griefed then Lifesteal Factions is not for you. (Please note that just because griefing is allowed on this server, doesn't mean it is allowed on other AusGG servers, you need to be aware of the rules on each specific server!)

No hacking, xray, or mods not included on the allowed modifications list

Any player found to be hacking, xraying or using mods that are not approved will be banned from Lifesteal Factions (and the rest of the network!). Check out the allowed modifications list below to see what mods are approved on Lifesteal Factions.

Using alternate accounts is not allowed.

Alternate accounts can be used to exploit features on the server and therefore are not allowed. Players found to be benefiting from alternate accounts will have all of their accounts banned.

No toxic chat, racism, naziism, sexism, spam, harassment etc

Keep this off the server, and maybe grow up.

Don't bring personal topics onto the server

Do not doxx people, Do not discuss people's personal lives, I wouldn't even recommened discussing your own personal lives. No one needs to hear it and theres no reason for it on the server and is generally unsafe to do so.

Remember that it is just a game!

If you get too heated, just take a step back and relax, its not that big of a deal.

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