Useful Commands
Commands that you can use!


Randomly teleport anywhere within the worlds borders. Great way to quickly find un-explored lands.

/rules | /motd

Knowing the rules of the server is pretty important and the Message of the Day can definitely have some useful information about the server that you may be interested in.

/home | /sethome | /delhome

Homes commands help you get back to your base quickly and easily.

/spawn | /warp | /back

Some nice teleport commands that can help with navigating the world. The back command can go to previous teleports and if you recently died it will teleport you back to your death location.

/tpa | /tpahere | /tpaccept

Other players can be far away sometimes, so here are some commands that help you get to others quickly.

/mail | /mail send | /mail clear

A good way to message other players who might not be online at the time you want to send the message.

/mute | /ignore

Very useful if someone is being annoying and you no longer want to see their messages.


This command shows you who is near you.

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