Region protection
What you can do with regions
As a supporter you will be allowed to request a personal region to protect your builds in all three worlds (Overworld, Nether and The End). You can have one per world and they have the following size limits in each world: - Overworld - 300x300 - Nether - 100x100 - The End - 300x300
To request a region just have an area marked out in accordance to the above sizes in each world and message 'WizzFizz123' in-game or on Discord.
Please note: You can't just claim any part of the world. This is so you don't claim someone else's build or a public build.

Editing flags on your region

When you are in your region you can use the command '/region info' to show information regarding your region. From here you can click on the green '[Flags]' button to view all the potential flags and edit them. If for some reason the button does not work you can edit the flags through commands. The following are the ones that you have access to change:
block-break block-place block-trampling build chest-access chorus-fruit-teleport damage-animals deny-spawn enderpearl farewell fire-spread firework-damage greeting interact item-frame-rotation lighter mob-spawning passthrough pvp respawn-anchors ride sleep use vehicle-destroy vehicle-place
More information on what each flag does and how to edit them manually through commands is available at (
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